The Admission Process

The purpose of the admission process is to determine if the student and the school are a good fit.  For families in the Pasadena area, there are many great school options, but each has a different mission, philosophy, and culture.  It is our hope that through the admission process, families will discover the school (or schools) that best match their values and aspirations.  As schools, we seek to enroll students that will thrive within our particular environments, both academically and socially.  Just as each student is unique, so are our schools.  Therefore, the admission process and criteria may differ from school to school.  Please follow the application steps at each institution to which you are applying.  What follows is a general guideline for basic understanding.  

Application Timeline

For a fall 2020 entry, the process begins in fall 2019.

  • September-December: Do your research.

    • Visit schools. Attend Open Houses, campus tours, and other events.

    • Decide the school(s) to which you will apply.

  • September-February: Apply!

    • Most applications will be available beginning in September or October.

    • Application deadlines vary from school to school, but most will be some time from December to February.

  • September-January: Register and take entrance exams.

    • Entrance exam - ILS Kindergarten Readiness Screening, ISEE, or school-specific testing.

  • January-February: Make sure your file is complete!

    • Many schools have a February deadline to fully complete your child's admission file.

  • January-February: Apply for financial aid!

    • The financial aid process runs concurrently with the admission process - be sure to apply by the deadline.

  • Early March (TBD for fall 2020): Admission notifications are sent.

    • Admission decisions are mailed, and electronic decisions are sent at 5:00 p.m.

    • Each school on this site adheres to the same admission decision release date and time.

  • Mid-March (TBD for fall 2020): Enrollment contracts due.

    • Families must commit to their school of choice by the due date.

General Application Items

Schools may require some or all of the following.

  • Application and application fee

  • Student and/or parent interview

  • Transcript from current school

  • Teacher evaluations

  • Entrance exam - ILS Kindergarten Readiness Screening, ISEE, or school-specific testing.

  • Playdate or other visit day