The Independent School Advantage

Why choose an independent school?


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We are independent.  Each school on this site is a non-profit institution, governed by its own Board of Trustees.  We have freedom from the public school board, state testing, and state-mandated curriculum.  Teachers are free to create curriculum that meets the needs of their students in creative and unique ways, challenging them to reach their fullest potential.  


Each school has its own unique mission that informs their practice and guides their work.  The mission allows families to discover the values and vision that match best with their own, as well as what may be the best "fit" for their child.


With an emphasis on creating life-long learners, our schools foster the intellectual, social, and personal growth of each student.  Our students are prepared for their next steps beyond our doors and well into the future.

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Students receive significant individual attention due to small class sizes.  Teachers get to know and understand the special skills and needs of each child, allowing them to appropriately challenge and support students to live up to their fullest potential.  


Independent school teachers use their expertise and talents to create curriculum that inspires and engages students.  With the freedom to approach teaching and learning in new and innovative ways, students benefit from the latest in pedagogical research and best practices.

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We take great care in supporting the growth of our students beyond the classroom as individuals and citizens.  While students are engaged academically, we also focus on their personal, social, and emotional development.  


With wider geographic reach, independent schools bring students and families together from many different backgrounds.  We foster communities of inclusion and recognize that diversity in all its forms strengthens the learning environment and our communities.  


Independent schools offer communities of engaged parents, students, teachers, and staff members.  We encourage active participation and involvement as strong communities help to create strong students and graduates.

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